The art I currently have on offer is similar in nature to my client work in that it's process based, created intuitively in the moment from an unwavering fascination for the disruptive beauty of the real of it. Most of the themes beneath each image/piece are undeniably feminine and/or speak somehow to the reclamation, embodiment and expansion of that spirit.

25 of each sized Limited Edition Print are available for purchase via the shopping cart found on each image, or in the top right of the gallery when you enter. For sneak peeks of art as I'm in the process of receiving and unearthing it, join Patreon. To hear stories behind images [because there's always one], join my Get a Visual newsletter.

“Toni Morrison wisely observed that definitions belong to the definers, not the defined. But what will it all look like when the defined become the definers? And the definitions themselves?

This is the world I wish and work to see.”