Seeing is my craft, so it makes sense that photography is the main channel of my spirited ability to dive to the depths as naturally as I soar and assume the shape of the wind, bringing what deserves | needs | wants to be seen to the surface. I work as an artist and intuitive photographer in this manner with photographic work as well as with other mediums. While currently based in Central Texas, I am available for travel world wide. Here's a navigation of all things J.Genevieve:

  • I sometimes show up on social media. OK, rarely because it's just not my jam. So it's better to find me ...
  • ... on Visura & Patreon. These are the best places to begin to connect with my work and engage with me. I deeply believe in the heart and work of Visura and show extended visual stories there. Behind the scenes views of the process, writing, images and a virtual guided intuitive art practice are all perks of being a VIEVEpatron subscriber on Patreon.
  • Currently, I am not accepting new client work. For 2022 I'm focusing on completing my current body of work, Shape Shift, which explores possibility when individuals are centered in their true nature and connect with others from that empowered place. This project which is wild, ever shifting and unapologetically feminine-spirit driven will debut mid-2023. You can follow the progress on my Patreon platform.
  • Art beyond my client work is featured here on the site and is equally intuitive, process oriented and photographic based. Get all up in it here.


J.Genevieve is unearthing a creative ecosystem that offers support, access and equitable space for expansion. This is only the beginning. There is so much more to be radicalized so that it all, we all, can emerge into a better way of being. I'm so thrilled that you're here for it.

All the best and all the love,



L . Brannan

“J. Genevieve has an eye like no other. She takes the time to know YOU, and she captures what needs to come out. I didn’t feel like I was posing for anything. I didn’t feel the discomfort of trying to get the right look or to “smile with my eyes” - she let me just talk and move and emote in my natural element. The camera did the rest. When I looked at my pictures, I cried. For the first time in my life, I looked at an image of myself and saw my beauty.”

01 / 04

“I am the deep, searing shade of shadow and the iridescent shape of the wind.”