The wind is shifting. And I know better than to fight it. I've learned to listen instead.

Beginning in 2022 I'm making moves away from client-initiated work and towards a project based model. Will I shoot for clients any more? Most likely not. But if I do, it'll be for artists. So all you performance artists, creatives, musicians, drag queens, spoken word poets, etc., etc. stay tuned...

Base Investment

Shooting time varies from project to project and we flow with that. This base investment covers your project shooting time for up to 12 consecutive hours. Payment plans are available.



Images are delivered as full resolution digital negatives, with a minimum requirement of 20 images purchased per project. Additional images beyond the original 20 are priced at $20 per image. Full collections are available upon request.

$25 per image


Once a few key foundational goals for J.Genevieve are met, a sliding scale for client projects will be implemented. In the meantime, payment plans are always available. Follow and support this progress on Patreon.

Contact Me


What kind of clients do you work with?

J.Genevieve client work is more about a match of mindset. I'm not here to direct or force - I want to see you in your element or natural state of being. No expectations. No performance. No pretense. Just you.

In general, anyone who is breaking out of the system or supporting others to do so, personally or professionally, will typically connect well with this artist and intuitive photographer's process. If you have an event or experience going on, that's usually a win as well.

If this work is still tugging at you, trust yourself. There's a reason for that. Reach out and we'll chat about it.

What can I expect while we're shooting a project?

Literally. I'm going to show up in your element with a camera. We'll talk about what this looks like for you during our consult. There's such a beauty and power available in that state of being that is too often overlooked. You're going to do your thing. I'm going to do mine. Think photojournalist who is there to reflect the story you're telling, not tell the story for you, and receive images for that visual narrative. I'm a natural shape shifter, so I blend in easily and become part of the moment/experience with you, photographing from that place of observation & immersion.

Sometimes we do have to stage things, particularly for professional work. If this is the case, we'll walk through everything as naturally as possible, focusing on feeling over performance.

PS, don't be surprised if I wander off. It means I saw something and am capturing it because I must. It's the nature of my work as an artist and intuitive photographer. That's can look awfully random on the surface. But don't worry, it'll make sense underneath. There's always a reason.

Do you do headshots?


We will, however, get some great images, again, of you in your element. Sometimes those can be used as environmental headshots, but in general, this is not my scope of work. I'll refer you to some great folx who do a wonderful job at it though.

But you can Photoshop that, right?

Technically yes ... but I won't.

There's a time and place for Photoshop. Such as when I leave my lenses laying around the background of the most bomb shot of your whole collection. But as far as retouching, I draw a firm line of "no".


Visually we've been conditioned not to show up unless we've been smoothed, filtered, tweaked and tucked. Not only is it an impossible standard, but this precedent within the visual conversation has caused so much damage to our natural, inherent worth, teaching us that we're not enough as we are. Liberation from pretense and performative appearances is a core value of J.Genevieve, so that means liberation from Photoshop as well.

Where are you located and do you travel?

I'm currently based in Central Texas and am available for travel worldwide. Travel rates and per diem begin outside of a 75 mile radius of my location.

Can I purchase prints or other wall art?

Professional grade prints up to an 11x14 are available in your client gallery. Anything larger than a 16x20, canvas, metal or other surface is ordered directly through J.Genevieve. J.Genevieve photo art is available as well via the "Art" section of the website.

How many images are in a collection?

On average, I recieve about 50 images per hour of shooting. The size of your collection will depend on the amount of time we spend together.

Could you explain the "Scale" option listed above?

Of course.

Underneath it all, the long game for J.Genevieve is to cultivate a creative ecosystem that offers support and access and equitable space for expansion. Across all of my offerings I'm working to implement sliding scale opportunities to give beyond the stated value of services which in turn supports others to receive resources they may need to access this work, while not undervaluing my time, gifts or energy. Currently, I'm only able to implement this model on my Patreon platform. Client Projects will be next, then Art, then a full scale funding model geared to support artists who are also survivors of gender based intimate partner violence. As I meet certain goals, the more access I'll be able to offer in terms of my work. This is a longterm, lifetime vision for J.Genevieve. Your presence and participation here help to support this vision as I unearth and cultivate this transformative environment.

From the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul, thank you.